Museum Boemi Poeger

Museum Boemi Poeger is one of the program Taman Budaya Taman (TBB) SALAM Jember. Boemi Poeger Museum is an institution conducted by TBB SALAM in an effort to conduct research and history and cultural studies in the community especially in Boemi Poeger.

Jember is Boemi Poeger. One of the main tasks of the Boemi Poeger Museum is to prove that Jember District is Boemi Poeger. So the preferred collection from the collection of Boemi Poeger Museum is the evidence of the existence of Poeger or BOEMI POEGER which covers the territory of Jember district at this time.

The existence of MUSEUM BOEMI POEGER seeks to fill the void of the absence of institutions seeking to collect collective memory in Jember District. Boemi Poeger Museum was built beginning with the simplicity and limited facilities.
The Boemi Poeger Museum is organized with the following target activities:

Procurement of secretariat as well as activity center for exhibition of activities, library / community reading park, public service and for discussion;
Registered collections to be ready for public viewing;
Boemi Poeger Museum Database;
Membership Service of the Museum Boemi Poeger;
Manual Management Book Organization Taman Baca Budaya (TBB) SALAM.